1024MB Flash Disk iDOC with IDE44 Interface

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Quote from data sheet -

"iDiskOnChip complements the DiskOnChip product line, offering full IDE capabilities, high performance, a built-in ECC system and flexible design options.

It can be used in any system with an IDE bus and can work with any operating system, since the driver is handled at the BIOS level.
iDiskOnChip is based on NAND flash technology. This technology is superior in its data storage characteristics, featuring the industry’s highest write and erase performance, as well as the highest burst read/write transfer rate.

Additionally, NAND flash technology is known for its high density and small die size, with the related cost and real estate benefits.

Data integrity is guaranteed through embedded error detection and error correction code (EDC/ECC) that automatically detects and corrects data errors.

An on-chip ECC unit generates the required code bytes for error detection and correction of up to 2 bits per 512-byte data sector.

Code-byte generation during write operations, as well as error detection during read operation, is implemented on the fly without performance degradation.
iDiskOnChip is ergonomically designed for easy installation and ready-to-run operation. Available in 40-pin and 44-pin connector packages,

iDiskOnChip fits easily into any platform with an IDE connector."

More technical information in PDF.